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      FROM: John Harrison"I don't care if you kill me," whimpered little Pete, as they tied his hands together, "if you'll only let Corp'l Elliott off. He wasn't to blame. It was me.

      A large, heavy-jowled man, with a mass of black whiskers, and wearing a showy but nondescript uniform, appeared.

      "There are rumors," she said. "Frankly, I'd rather they didn't get around. And if I hadn't had too much to drinkor somethingI wouldn't even be mentioning them. I'm sorry."

      "Brother Walker," said Billings, "there's a tall man settin' close by the door that I seem to've seen before, and yit I don't exactly recognize. Please hold that candle nigh his face till I can see it more plainly."


      "Now, what in thunder does this mean?" asked Si with angry impatience. "What's up now?"


      "Now you kin clear away them dead mules and go ahead. You won't scarcely be bothered any more for awhile at least.""I will," he said.