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      "That's all right," Landor said; "are you hunting?"

      Here, toward the eastern part of the territory, the government had portioned off the San Carlos Agency for its Apache wards, and some thirty miles away, not far from the banks of the river, Camp Thomas for its faithful soldiery.THE HERITAGE OF UNREST

      "Hello, Injianny; what are you doin' here?" inquired a man in civilian clothes, but unmistakably a gambler.



      It was planned that they should sleep until near morning, when the spies of the Knights of the Golden Circle were not alert, enter a freight-car, which they would keep tightly shut, to escape observation, while the train ran all day toward a point within easy reach of their quarry. It would arrive there after dark, and so they hoped to catch the Knights entirely unawares, and in the full bloom of their audacity and pride.


      "'Taint right, neither," hissed Shorty. "Si Klegg, what are you doin' here?"It would have been best so, and she knew it, had[Pg 199] indeed meant to make it like this on her part, but a feeling swept over her that if they did not speak now, they would pass down to their deaths in silence. She reached out her hand to stop him, and spoke.


      He opposed drawbacks. "You can't keep her always." it, in which there was a gentleman named Mr. Elliott. The