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      "Captain, le' me go along," pleaded Si. "You never knowed me to fall out, did you?"

      THE SHADOW OF AN EAST TENNESSEE VENDETTA."Never mind where I learned," answered Shorty. "I learned enough to git away with any English man that ever chawed roast beef."

      "I done seed the bushes move over his head. I knowed jest how he wuz a-layin' for yo'. Le's go forrard an' git him.""I am more than a Captain," said the General, opening his overcoat slightly, to show his double dow of buttons.



      All the dogged stubbornness of his race was now at fever point in Si's veins. Those old pioneers and farmers of the Wabash from whom he sprang were not particularly handsome to look at, they were not glib talkers, nor well educated. But they had a way of thinking out rather slowly and awkwardly it might be just what they ought to do, and then doing it or dying in the effort which made it very disastrous for whoever stood in their way. Those who knew them best much preferred to be along with them rather than against them when they set their square-cornered heads upon accomplishing some object. "Oh, hang it!"


      The Deacon looked a little regretful at the shrinking of the contents of the kettle, made by taking out the cupful, and said: