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      But the mystery had hardly begun!

      CHAPTER I SUSPICIOUS SANDY"Can't do hit when hit's rainin' an they're runnin' over thar banks."

      "Probably some ivy or poison-oak, or nightshade among the briars. Poison-oak is very bad, and nightshade is deadly. I knew a man once that had to have his hand amputated on account of getting poisoned by something that scratched himnightshade, ivy, or poison-oak. I'm afraid your feet are beginning to mortify."

      Why didnt I think of that? grinned Jeff. I wouldnt be surprised if that-there is right.Larry braced himself against the slap of the wheels into the surface water. That might offer just enough resistance to nose them in.

      We can prove itcome on!

      "Same here," ejaculated Si, who had made a similar discovery. "Just look at 'em, hoppin' out every where. The rebels have not only set their grayback infantry on to us, but are jumping us with their flea cavalry."

      Again the dogs barked, and in walked a man dressed in the fatigue uniform of a union soldier with the chevrons of a Sergeant. The boys gave a start of surprise, and a great one when they saw on his cap: