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      You are going to be the sensation of the season, continued Lady Wyndover, and, with a little rueful laugh, I have got a nice time before me, I can see! You will be a good girl, and do as I tell you, wont you, dear? And you will tell me everything, will you not? You see, you are soso young, and soso fresh; and some of the men, who ought not to do so, will make love to youthe men you ought not to marry always doand we shall have to be very careful! For, now I have seen you, I have set my heart upon your doing really great things, andand Do you understand me, dear?

      He looked at her as if he thought she might be chaffing him; but her beautiful face was quite innocent of badinage.I dont mind, he said.

      She opened the door and listened. The great house was very quiet; there was no sound but the ticking of the tall clock that stood in the hall and the heavy breathing of the great hound which lay on the rug before the fire-place.

      You think so? she said, quickly. I must give her something! She felt round her dress hurriedly; then uttered an exclamation of impatience and disappointment. I forgot! she said; these stupid dresses never have pockets. Give me some money; quick!As the reflection lingered in his mind, he heard the soft thud, thud of horses feet. It came so softly as to seem rather a part of his waking dreams than reality. He sat motionless for a moment or two; then he remembered the drivers warning, and, dismounting from his horse, cautiously drew it behind a projecting rock, and watched and listened.

      He laughed again, then his face grew red.

      Bother! she exclaimed. I cant be happy any more to-night if I dont give her something. She stamped her foot. Cant you get some? Oh, shell be passed before you get back! The woman was almost beneath them.[107] Esmeralda, with a little cry of relief, unfastened one of her bracelets, and bending over the rail, called softly to the woman. The woman looked up with a little start, and her face flushed nervously as she saw the girl, in her exquisite dress, looking down at her. Esmeralda nodded, and smiled encouragingly, held out the bracelet as far as her extended arm would allow, then, with a This is for you! dropped it at the womans feet. The woman started back slightly, then stood stock still, as if amazed.

      Yes, I will go, she said. But, after all, it need not be good-bye forever, Trafford. Her tone was piteous and imploring. We shall see each other oftenoften. Why should we not? Trafford, you will still need me, thoughthough you are married to her. She can not be all in all to you, as I should have been. She drew a long sigh. She can not even be a companion for you. She is ignorant and uncultivated; she knows nothing of the things that go to make up our lives. You will need sympathyyou will come to me, Trafford.Dear Trafford! she murmured.


      Would you like to drive? he asked, catching a tone of eagerness in her voice.I dont know anything about it; I dont think so.



      Her husband read to her for the greater part of the long gloomy day. He read St. Thomas Kempis for some part of the time. The book had been on the little table by her side throughout her illness. He read two or three of Frederick Robertson's sermons, and for occasional respite from too serious thought he read her favourite poemsAdona?s, Alastor, and some of Shelley's lovely lyrics, and those passages in Childe Harold which had acquired a new charm for her since she had grown familiar with Rome.